iOS 13 is expected to be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and, with it, a variety of new features. Today we have a report outlining several rumors, which see not only an expanded role for Siri in third-party apps, but much more.

9to5Mac has the report on Monday, outlining how iOS 13 will improve the Siri experience. Especially as it relates to third-party apps. Siri Shortcuts already makes third-party app usage with voice controls pretty simple, but it looks like Apple wants to expand what those third-party apps can do with Siri directly. New use cases include media playback control, voice calling, flights, message attachments, event ticketing, search, and more.

In addition to that, iOS 1e will lay the groundwork for even more enhancements to Apple’s augmented reality platform, ARKit. According to the report, Apple will offer “significant improvements”, which will start with a new Swift-only framework. There will also be a companion app that will let developers build AR experiences in a more visual way. This next big update for ARKit will also reportedly detect human poses as well.

Next, iOS apps ported over to macOS, courtesy of Project Marzipan, will pick up Mac-specific features like the Touch Bar. And the report indicates that developers will find it “as easy as checking a checkbox” in Xcode to get iOS apps over to the Mac.

Even the Taptic Engine is getting some attention, as per the report:

“A new framework will give developers more control over the Taptic Engine, which currently offers a very small set of feedback styles for third-party developers. There’s also new functionality for developers to include link previews in their apps, similar to those that appear in iMessage conversations.”

Document scanning in third-party apps is coming, too. Another welcomed addition will be the ability to capture photographs from external sources, like a camera, without having to use the Photos app to do so.

Our Take

So, a lot to work with, as one should expect. This year’s WWDC will kick off in early June, and it’s already shaping up to be a busy one. Especially for macOS. It’s been previously reported that macOS 10.15 will not only offer baked-in support for using the iPad as an external display, but also add iOS features like Screen Time.

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[via 9to5Mac]