Best answer: Your Ultimate Ears Power Up will only charge Ultimate Ears products. Pair it up with your Blast, Megablast, Boom 3, or Megaboom 3 speakers.

What about my Boom 2 and Wonderboom?

Sorry, the Ultimate Ears Power Up only works with their newer models of speakers. The Boom 2, Boom Remix, and other older versions will not be compatible. The company’s compact speakers, such as the Wonderboom and the Roll 2, won’t work with the Power Up either.

Why buy a Power Up?

Each Ultimate Ears speaker comes with its own charging cable, which means that technically a Power Up isn’t necessary. The reason to buy one is for convenience. You can use one Power Up for all of your compatible speakers; just throw them on the dock and recharging starts immediately. Power Up’s sleek, minimal design also means no more annoying cords adding clutter to your home.

The $40 price tag might seem steep for just a charger, but it’s helpful if you like the look of it or you like to keep your speaker charged during events.

Does the Power Up come with my new speakers?

The Power Up is sold separately from the speakers. It will come with all the accessories needed to charge your speakers.

Can I use a different USB charging brick?

It is recommended you use the charging brick that comes with your Ultimate Ears Power Up. Other brands of USB chargers will work, but they’ll charge at a reduced rate. If you’ve lost yours, the Ultimate Ears website has the brick listed under accessories as "Coming Soon" for $10. Until then, you can choose to spend $20 on Amazon for a replacement or use a different brick, such as an iPhone charger.

Is white the only option?

As of right now, they only offer a white Power Up. You can still mix up the color with your speakers, having four different options for your Blast and Megablast, and a different four with the Boom 3 and the Megaboom (with the exception of a T-Mobile exclusive option for the Megaboom 3).

Get it

Power Up

$40 at Amazon

One charger. Lots of possibilities

Remember, you can buy one Power Up for your Blast, Megablast, Boom 3, and Megaboom 3 speakers.

Recommended speaker


$193 at Amazon

Bigger than the Blast, better than the Boom 3

If you’re looking to have bigger sounds plus the added connection to Amazon Alexa, the Megablast is the best choice to match with your Power Up, even if it’s the most expensive of the Ultimate Ears lineup.

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