Best answer: Amazon consistently has the best prices on the Polaroid Mint Camera and Printer. Plus, it’s the best place to get the Zink paper you need for the camera as well.

Lowest price on Amazon

You can’t buy the Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer directly from the company, as even its website redirects you to Amazon to buy. Looking around the web there doesn’t seem to be a ton of places to buy the product; however, the Amazon has the cheapest price out of everywhere I have found it.

Not too mention, Amazon has fast delivery times, low shipping costs, and if something does go wrong with your order, Amazon’s customer service is usually pretty good and resolving problems.

Proper paper

Don’t forget you need the Zink Zero Photo Paper to use with your Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer, and the best place to get the paper is Amazon by far. It’s the cheapest price and you can get it in packs of 20, 30, 50, or even 500 sheets!

The Camera

Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer

$100 at Amazon

Point, shoot, print!

The Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer is an instant camera that allows you to shoot and print your images in a flash. With a built-in flash and a few editing options on the free Polaroid app, it’s easy to make fun pint-size photos anywhere you go. Plus, you can also use the printer to print out your favorite shots on your smartphone via the app as well.

The Paper

Zink Zero Photo Paper (30 Pack)

$15 at Amazon

Print and stick anywhere

Polaroid’s Zink Zero Photo Paper delivers bright and vibrant instant prints that are sure to make any photo pop once it’s printed. The Sticky-backed paper even allows you to peel the back of your photos and stick them anywhere allow you to decorate almost anything with your favorite photos.

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