What's New in iOS 12.3 Public Release

The last major iOS 12 update is here. The iOS 12.3 public release brings a whole new TV app and a lot of small changes and bug fixes (and a new annoyance for Apple TV users). Here’s everything that’s new in iOS 12.3 public release.

iOS 12.3: What’s New

1. New TV App

iOS 12.3 TV App UI

iOS 12.3 comes with a fully redesigned TV app. And it might not look that different from the app’s Home screen. But go into a TV or movie listing and you’ll see a beautiful new layout. Plus, it has a new Up Next section that will help you pick up a TV show where you left it off. Let’s talk about some of the features in more detail.

  • For You section: In the Watch Now tab you’ll find a For You section that’s filled with suggestions just right for you.
  • Kids Section: As with every other streaming service, TV app also has a kids section. There’s not a lot of content there right now.
  • Sports Section: Sports section will let you enjoy live sports, commentary, and sport-related shows.
  • Apple TV Channels: A collection of TV streaming services that you can subscribe right from the TV app. Services like HBO, Showtime and more are available. Here’s how Apple TV Channels are better. You’ll be able to watch content from these services right in the TV app, No need to be kicked to the app itself.
  • Offline Video Support: You’ll be able to download content from any channel and manage it all in the TV App.
  • Apple Family Sharing Support: Like the upcoming TV+ service, you can share Apple TV Channels with your family members (up to 6).
  • Updated widget: Gives you a shortcut to continue watching content on the TV app.

2. AirPlay 2 Smart TV Support

iOS 12.3 finally has native support for AirPlay 2 smart TVs. So if you’ve bought one of the new smart TVs from Samsung, you’ll be able to see the device as a receiver when you open the AirPlay output devices popup from the Control Center or from any app.

3. Follow Magazines in News+

Apple News+ magazine system was a mess. You can now make it a bit sensible by following magazines. This will give you a smaller pool of magazines to choose from and will give you updates on new issues as well.

4. Dynamically Updating Suggestions in the Music App

As you use Apple Music more, you’ll find a new dynamic section for suggestions in the For You section. This will update periodically based on genres, time of day, what kind of music you’re listening to and more.

5. Bug Fixes

  • Apple TV remote works again: Finally, the Apple TV remote from Control Center has been fixed. It will now operate reliably.
  • Wi-Fi Calling won’t drop calls: Wi-Fi calling feature is way more reliable in this update. It won’t randomly drop calls.
  • Apple CarPlay is more reliable: Apple CarPlay system will now reliably show song titles on the screen.
  • More than 20 security fixes: One of the biggest reasons for tapping that update button for iOS 12.3 is the sheer amount of security fixes. Apple has more than 20 updates in security area ranging from Safari to the kernel itself. Learn more about it in this support article.

PSA: TV App Available Worldwide on iOS and tvOS

Apple has started prepping for its TV+ service. tvOS 12.3 has worldwide support for the TV app now, instead of just a couple of countries in the west. After upgrading to the new version, you’ll see that the default behavior of the TV/Home button has changed. It now first takes you to the TV app. And when you press it again, it takes you to the Home screen. This, of course, is barbaric.

You can change the behavior from Settings -> Remotes and Devices.

Are You Planning to Upgrade?

Based on the beta tests, iOS 12.3 has no significant drop in performance or battery life. In fact, it still runs smoothly on the iPhone 5s.

What do you think of the new features in this update? Are you planning to update your iPhone or iPad for the new TV app? And will you stay away from the new tvOS update because of the Home button change? Share with us in the comments below.