What’s New in iOS 12.2 Developer Beta 3

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 19, 2019 in Apple News, iOS 12, News

iOS 12 unveiled

When Apple introduced the first developer beta of iOS 12.2, it brought with it several new additions.

That included support for Apple News in Canada, support for “Hey Siri” in the forthcoming, and oft-rumored, AirPods 2, and much more. A subsequent beta release saw the arrival of four new Animoji. And now, with the third developer beta out in the wild, even more has been discovered.

So, here’s the quick list:

  • Apple News Logo Tweak: Apple News has been tweaked a bit, at least as far as the logo is concerned. Now instead of spelling out “Apple News”, the company uses its very familiar logo instead. That brings it in line with the Apple TV and Apple Pay.
  • Changes to the About Screen: Apple has changed the About screen within the Settings app. Sections are now present, making finding key information a bit easier.
  • Group FaceTime Audio Bug Fix: Apple fixed the Group FaceTime audio bug with the public launch of iOS 12.1.4, but now there is a fix available for developers in iOS 12.2 as well.

And here is what Apple added in the first developer beta:

  • HomeKit TV Support and Controls: Apple has already announced third-party TVs from the likes of Vizio and Samsung will support AirPlay 2 this year. iOS 12.2 lays the groundwork for that. The beta includes support for third-party TVs, but also adds the ability to add certain TVs to the list of devices that can be sent content.
  • Updated Screen Mirroring Icon in Control Center: Apple has updated the Screen Mirroring icon in Control Center, making it a bit more obvious that you are mirroring two screens.
  • Faster Way to Add Money to Apple Cash: Apple has added an “Add Money” option when you tap on the Apple Pay Cash in the Wallet app. This makes it easier to quickly add funds.
  • A New AirPlay Icon: Apple has updated the AirPlay icon in Control Center, putting it more in line with the icon on other platforms like macOS.
  • Apple Shows Better Info for Unsecure Websites: Apple now shows “Not Secured” on an unsecured website in the URL, making it more obvious that a site isn’t offering an HTTPS connection.
  • Apple Maps Can Now Show Air Quality: You can find air quality for an area within the stock Weather app, but Apple is now bringing that information to Apple Maps. It can be turned on in the Maps Settings section.

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