Audiobooks finally launch in watchOS 6

At this year’s WWDC keynote, Apple took some time to talk about the next stage of life for watchOS and the Apple Watch. Introducing watchOS 6 with plenty of new features, Apple is finally also adding a few oft-requested first-party apps to the smartwatch lineup, including the Calculator app.

When it comes to new first-party apps for watchOS 6, Apple breezed through the announcement pretty quickly. So we’ll go ahead and do the same for the overview. Here’s a quick look at what to expect when watchOS 6 launches later this year:

Audiobooks On Your Wrist

Audiobooks support for watchOS is finally here (pictured at the top of this article). Apple confirmed that it is bringing the feature to watchOS 6 later this year. It works as you’d expect it to, syncing up with Apple Books and offering up your content when you want it. Apple says the books that are already in your Reading Now list within the Apple Books app will automatically sync with the Apple Watch running watchOS 6.

This means if you’re in the middle of a book, you don’t have to stop listening to it just because you got out of the car or left the house. You can simply tap the audiobook’s cover and hit the Play button to start listening from where you left off — no matter which device you were initially listening on.

Finally: Calculator (And Also Voice Memos & Reminders)

Apple adds the Calculator app to watchOS 6

One of the more oft-requested apps for the Apple Watch has been the Calculator, but, up until now, Apple has been hesitant to actually bring it to the smartwatch lineup. That is finally changing with watchOS 6, though. The stock Calculator app will finally be available for the wrist-worn device. And it will even include a tip calculator, too.

Voice Memos app for watchOS 6

But that’s not all. Apple is also bringing its stock Voice Memos app and the (redesigned) Reminders app to the Apple Watch with watchOS 6.

The new Reminders app for watchOS 6

What’s Next?

Apps are a huge focal point for the Apple Watch. Especially with watchOS 6 introducing its own App Store. But there’s always room to grow. What apps from Apple do you think the company should add to the smartwatch next?