This thermostat can be controlled with your smartphone, computer, or voice!

Honeywell’s Wi-Fi 7-day Programmable Thermostat is down to $59 at Amazon today. This discount marks the lowest price we’ve ever seen; it normally sells for up to $100 regularly and just under $85 on average.

This thermostat can be paired with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, like the Echo or Echo Dot, to activate voice control. With its Wi-Fi capabilities, you can also control it via your smartphone or a computer. It can replace your existing thermostat and works with virtually any system type, though a C-wire is required. You can schedule it to cool your home right as you arrive home from work each day, or turn it off from miles away if you won’t be home for awhile and don’t want to waste power.

More than 2,300 customers at Amazon have left reviews for this product, resulting in an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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