Victim tracked her alleged killer with Find My iPhone app

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone app in the news.
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A Connecticut woman used the Find My iPhone app on her iPad to track her ex-husband moments before he stormed the house and fatally shot her, police said.

Once she realized he was just outside the home, Taylor had only enough time to alert her son to call 9-1-1.

He was on the phone with the dispatcher when 75-year-old James Taylor broke in Sunday night and shot her, according to a report in The Connecticut Post.

The unnamed stepson tackled Taylor as he tried reloading his rifle and had him pinned when police arrived.

Catherine and James Taylor has been divorced for 25 years but had reconciled, according to police in Fairfield, Ct.

Police responded to an argument between the three last week over a pickup truck Catherine Taylor accused her ex-husband of stealing. Worried about his temper, Catherine Taylor moved into the home of her son.

Catherine and James Taylor shared a family plan for phone service and thought she could use the app to track the whereabouts of the pickup truck. That’s how she noticed her ex-husband was outside her son’s home, police said.

The Find My iPhone app occasionally grabs headlines for its use as a personal crime tracker. Last year, a car jack victim got his vehicle back using the app. It also saved a kidnapped bride from a forced marriage.

While it was too late for Catherine Taylor, the tracking app gave her enough warning that it may have saved her son’s life.

James Taylor was arraigned Monday on several charges, including murder, attempted murder, and home invasion.

Source: The Connecticut Post

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