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Verizon is about to start offering a brand new premium subscription option for its customers, both for wireless and home subscribers. The company has announced it’s teaming up with Google to offer YouTube TV to those interested.

On Tuesday, Verizon officially announced that it will be working with Google to offer YouTube TV for wireless, 5G Home, and Fios customers. Unfortunately, aside from the initial announcement, there is not much else to go on. Verizon is not confirming any primary details, including when this particular new premium addition will be available to customers, or how much it will cost. There is no information as to whether or not Verizon customers will get a discount of some kind, or if it will simply be available directly through Verizon at the normal monthly cost.

“Our network and technology leadership uniquely positions us to lead the content revolution, which centers around choice for our customers,” said Erin McPherson, head of content strategy and acquisition, Verizon. “As we pave the path forward on 5G, we’ll continue to bring our customers options and access to premium content by teaming up with the best providers in the industry and leveraging our network as-a service strategy. We were first in the world to bring commercial 5G to our customers and now another first on the content front as we offer our customers access to YouTube TV on whatever platform they choose.”

YouTube TV now costs $50 per month for its base package, a price hike that just went into effect earlier this year.

As for Verizon, this appears to help the company reach its streaming content goals. Back in 2017 it was reported that Verizon was planning on jumping on the original streaming service bandwagon, but then reports surfaced that it was delayed until 2018. That service never actually saw the light of day, though, and was canceled by the company not too long ago. YouTube TV lets Verizon compete against AT&T’s own streaming options, including DirecTV Now, along with the myriad other options out there.

This isn’t the only streaming effort Verizon has cooking, either. It’s been previously rumored that “Verizon Gaming” is on the way, too, which will offer up a subscription streaming service for video games.

Our Take

Verizon’s original content effort dematerialized with go90 not too long ago, so it’s probably a good move on the company’s part to just team up with a product that already has its hooks set in. Of course, it will really come down to pricing. Will Verizon customers get access to the base package of YouTube TV at no additional cost? That could be a huge boost for both companies.

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