The Polaroid Pop requires a microSD card so you can store photos and even choose photos stored on it to print directly on the camera. While you can get microSD cards that have more storage, remember the Polaroid Pop is only compatible with cards up to 128GB, so your options are limited. Regardless, here are the best microSD cards you can buy to use with your Polaroid Pop!

Manufacturer recommended

Sandisk Extreme

One of the top names in storage solutions, the Sandisk Extreme is recommended a lot because it’s a great microSD card. It’s a U3 A2 class card with write speeds up to 90 MB/s and capacities up to 400GB. The price listed here is for the 32GB version.

$11+ at Amazon

Outdoor moments

Moment micro SD

Available in sizes between 64GB and 256GB, the Moment microSD card is is a U3 A1 class card which makes super fast for big and small files alike. What makes it stand out is that its water, shock. and temperature resistant, so it’s the perfect choice for outdoor shooting.

$20+ at Amazon

Reliable and affordable

Samsung EVO Select

Samsung makes great memory products and the EVO Select microSD is affordable while still packing performance. It’s a U3 class card with up to 90 MB/s write speeds and comes in sizes between 32GB and 256GB.

$8+ at Amazon

Speedy Gonzales

Lexar Professional 1000x

Not only does this microSD card from Lexar have super fast read speeds, top notch write speeds, and plenty of storage, it also includes a USB adapter to quickly transfer files to your computer. It’s performance and convenience all in one package. The price here is for the 32GB version of the card, but you can get one with up to 256GB of storage.

$30+ at Amazon


Samsung EVO Plus

Samsung’s EVO Plus packs up to 90MB/s write speeds and is water and temperature resistant and comes in capacities between 32GB and 256GB. What more could you ask for?

$11+ at Amazon

I really do appreciate the Samsung EVO Plus for being weather-resistant, because the cold temperatures up here in Canada can make shooting outside a nightmare. Whether you want a small capacity or the largest the Polaroid Pop can handle, all the options listed above make a perfect pair with your instant camera!

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