The FaceTime feature on the iOS 12.1.4 software does not appear to allow people to add a participant to their one-on-one call, according to multiple reports on MacRumors forums.

iOS 12.1.4 released on February 7 as an emergency fix for the massive eavesdropping privacy flaw in group FaceTime that let users listen in on others without their permission.

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However, some folks are now unable to add a person to a one-to-one FaceTime call because the Add Person button is greyed out and inactive in this situation. Again, this seems to be happening after the iOS 12.1.4 update has re-enabled group FaceTime for customers.

MacRumors has more:

MacRumors forum user Bob-K persisted in his support calls with Apple, and was finally told that the Add Person button not working in that situation was a known issue and that they didn’t know when it would be fixed.

We were able to reproduce this issue, but it appears this workaround isn’t entirely reliable as one user reported being unable to consistently add people even during a group call.

The good thing is, this is nothing like the eavesdropping bug which had serious privacy implications. Apple Support is aware of this bug so we expect it will be squashed in a future iOS software update.

We were also unable to reproduce the issue so it’s entirely possible that this affects only a subset of FaceTime users on iOS 12.1.4. The iOS 12.2 update, currently being beta-tested, may fix the Add Person issue in FaceTime when it releases commercially.

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