I need these things looking PUMPED.

Amazon is offering this 12V Tacklife Tire Inflator for $9.88, a $5 discount, when you use code ONLY400P during checkout.

This features an electric cable that can plug in to your car’s cigarette lighter, though there’s also a pneumatic tube for manual inflation. It can be used on everything from car tires to bikes to sports balls. The inflator does all the work for you. Simply enter your desired PSI and turn it on. It’ll shut off automatically when the ideal pressure is reached. There’s a large backlit display that lets you see what you’re doing, and there’s a flashlight mode for emergencies too. Three nozzles are included for different tire types.

I have an inflator similar to this and it’s been a huge lifesaver for me. Whether my tires are low because of the cool winter temperatures or I have a flat and I just need enough air to get to a mechanic, it’s really nice knowing that I’m covered if something happens. Every car in your household should have one in the trunk, especially at this low price.

You know what else every car should have? A first aid kit. Add one to an Amazon order for only $1.

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