Upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro could feature Samsung-made OLED display

Posted by Dennis D. Bednarz on May 24, 2019 in Apple News

Remember that 16-inch MacBook we talked about? It seems like Samsung may be the manufacturer to actually supply the OLED displays.

While it’s a surprise to nobody that Samsung makes some of the best OLED screens in the field, one might me surprised that Apple didn’t go with LG as their supplier. They have previously partnered on releasing “Mac optimised” Thunderbolt 3 displays and have been in a friendly relationship, mostly due to LG’s phone business not currently being a threat to iPhones.

Yet, Apple seems to be going for Samsung as their supplier again, and I say again because every OLED iPhone is made using Samsung’s panels. LG Screens have has their fair bit of controversy, varying from very quick burn-ins to a blue hue shift on Google Pixel 2 XL devices, so make of that what you will. It’s still undeniable that LG does produce high-quality components, but Apple may have had multiple reasons to go with Samsung’s solutions.

So what does this mean for the end-user? Not much more than that you’ll be getting some of the best displays around, however, Samsung’s reputation has been damaged a bit after the Samsung Galaxy Fold Fiasco. Hopefully, your shiny new MacBook does not flex.

[via LaptopMag.com]

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