Twitter needs to add features on a semi-regular basis, especially since most users have to rely on the official app for all the features they want. As such, the company has confirmed a new addition: adding an image, GIF, or video to a retweet.

Twitter has officially announced on Monday that the “wait is over” when it comes to retweeting with a GIF as a comment. The social network confirmed that users will be able to add an image, a GIF, or a video to a retweeted tweet or a quoted tweet. The company says the feature is rolling out now for iOS and Android users, as well as the mobile website. The desktop version of Twitter doesn’t have the feature just yet.

Users can tap the “retweet with comment” option and then add the preferred image, GIF, or video as they see fit.

Twitter also says that some major brands out there, including HBO and Hulu are already taking advantage of the new feature, as you can see (as long as you’re on a supported device):

This isn’t a major feature or anything, but being able to add more media to a quick retweet or quoted tweet will likely be a welcomed one.