Twitter Puts More Emphasis on Photos as It Launches New Camera Features

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Mar 13, 2019 in News, Twitter

Twitter is rolling out a new update today which brings some major changes and puts media/photos right in the center. The update brings about a new camera app which is quicker and faster to access.

Unlike the existing version which buries the camera app in the tweet composer window, the updated Twitter app allows one to quickly access the camera app by simply swiping left from the timeline. Click a picture and proceed to tweet about it. You can add a location, hashtag, or text — limited to 280 characters — over photos as well.

These photos will then show up on the Twitter timeline in an immersive and larger format. With this change, Twitter is hoping to make its platform more engaging. And no, it is not looking to take on Snapchat or Instagram Stories with this move.

Twitter is also allowing users to upload videos that are about two minutes long, though this limit will likely change in the future. They just need to hold down the capture button. There’s also an option for users to go live on Twitter from within the camera app.

With this change, Twitter is hoping that more users share what’s happening around them. The move does make posting updates while one is in a concert or event significantly easier.

Twitter is still working on the camera experience and it aims to improve it further as it gets more user feedback.

Our Take

Twitter has been extremely slow in adding new features and experimenting with its platform. This has led to its growth stagnating while other social media platforms have grown at a much faster rate. Now that Twitter is looking to experiment more and ship features faster, these changes should have an overall positive impact on user engagement.

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