Twitter is Letting the Public Test Its Redesigned Conversations

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 20, 2019 in News, Twitter

Getting into a conversation can be a tricky thing on Twitter, especially when it comes to keeping tabs of replies as more people jump in.

Back in August of last year, it was reported that Twitter was planning on a major redesign of its conversations on the platform. The effort would be tuned to making those talks a lot easier and streamlined. Replies, namely, would be getting tweaked. And now Twitter is letting the public get in on the testing procedure.

As was first noted on Wednesday by The Verge, Twitter is now letting the public apply for access to its redesigned replies. The change is meant “to make it easier to see more of what people are saying”, which includes a new rounded shape on replies to make them look more like familiar text messages. Not only that, the replies will have a slight indentation, which should make the thread even easier to follow.

“Twitter is also experimenting with efforts to de-emphasize engagement numbers. The number of likes and retweets that a reply has received are now hidden until a user clicks on the reply, along with sharing options and other details about the tweet.”

Twitter is obviously looking for feedback here, so those who sign up and get accepted would be expected to provide some. As a result, Twitter notes that further changes could come around due to user feedback. So it sounds like if these changes don’t stick, the social network is still willing to make further tweaks if necessary.

If you want to try out the redesign, you can head through the Twitter source below.

[via The Verge; Twitter]

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