Got your eye on a shiny new device? Here’s how to save on its purchase.

With smartphone prices continuing to rise, any opportunity to save on your next device should be considered. Gazelle makes it more affordable to switch phones by giving you cash in return for the device you’ll no longer be using, and right now the site is offering an extra $20 on all trade-ins of devices valued at $200 or more. That means you can score a bonus of up to 10% towards your trade-in value with this offer, but this deal won’t last forever.

To get started, visit Gazelle’s website and select the type of device you’re looking to sell, whether that be your smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. A small selection of other devices can be sold to Gazelle too, though the site is mainly focused on those three categories. Once you’ve selected the type of device you’re selling, Gazelle will ask about which model you own, whether it’s attached to a carrier network, and a few questions regarding its condition such as whether it powers on. Once you’ve finished, you’ll see a trade-in offer on the right side of the screen which states how much your device is worth in its current condition. Here you should also see the $20 Trade-in Bonus applied to your offer if applicable.

Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to enter your shipping information and choose how you’d like to be paid; choosing Amazon will earn you a 3% bonus, but you won’t get paid until you send in your device and it’s inspected by Gazelle’s team. If your device doesn’t match the condition you described in the previous steps, you’ll be sent a revised offer by Gazelle with the option to decline.

Before sending off your device, you might also want to check out our guide on selling your iPhone to ensure it’s ready for its new owner.

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