Tim Cook talks cutting iPhone prices in China

iPHones in China
Cook opened up about Apple’s iPhone pricing in China in a new interview.
Photo: Tim Cook/Weibo

Apple has cut iPhone prices in China to try and win back growth after falling demand for its smartphones. However, from the sound of things, the company isn’t totally sure this is going to be the guaranteed magic bullet it needs to turn things around.

In a new interview with NPR, Tim Cook strikes a note of caution when he says that, “We’ll see how that works out for us.”

While it’s just one comment, it’s revealing that Apple is seemingly not banking on guaranteed growth in China the way it was just a few years back. Cook has previously spoken about Apple products being designed specifically with the Chinese audience in mind. Apple has also pursued a strategy of aggressive Apple Store openings in China — which may also be experiencing some problems.

Cook said that the cut prices on the iPhone in China was to bring its pricing in line with local currency valuation.

Trade talks and healthcare

Elswehere in the NPR interview, he said he is optimistic about talks between China and the U.S. “Both sides are talking and I always think that is always the essential thing to reaching an agreement,” he said. He added that, “It’s in both parties’ best interests to come together.”

Cook also talked about Apple’s medical ambitions, which he has previously suggested could prove Apple’s lasting legacy. He discussed a feature on the iPhone which gives military veterans the ability to view healthcare data. “This is part of our overall effort to really empower the patient,” Cook said. “We can’t wait to serve … a population of folks that we really have great reverence for.”

Source: NPR

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