Just under two weeks ago, hacking guru tihmstar released v1ntex, a voucher_swap-like exploit for 4K devices that contributed to iOS 11.4.x support in both the Electra and unc0ver jailbreaks. But just this morning, tihmstar released another exploit dubbed v3ntex, which allegedly supports iOS 12 devices.

Tihmstar shared his exciting announcement via Twitter Monday morning with proof of the exploit, adding that he only tested his v3ntex exploit on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.2 and that it could likely still do with some improvements:

Citing tihmstar’s official GitHub page, we can gather the following about the v3ntex exploit:

  • V3ntex supports devices running iOS 12.0-12.1.2
  • The exploit has only been officially tested on an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.2
  • V3ntex achieves tfp0, permitting arbitrary reads and writes to the kernel memory

Hacker and unc0ver lead developer quickly responded to an excited jailbreak community, noting that 4K and A12 device support would be added to the unc0ver jailbreak after Cydia and Cydia Substrate are ready “for the rest of the devices,” purportedly referring to those that aren’t yet supported:

It’s worth noting that hacker @MiscMisty released a functioning rootfs remount over the weekend, which raises hope for a full-fledged jailbreak with Cydia on iOS 12. As it would seem, we’re now just waiting for someone to release a CoreTrust bypass, but there’s no ETA at the time of this writing concerning when one might surface.

Are you excited about the concurrent publishings of iOS 12-centric exploits as of late? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.