This Car Mount And Wireless Charging Hybrid Brings Convenience To Your Commute [Deals Hub]

Posted by Thomas Koshy on Feb 11, 2019 in Deals

Car mounts make driving much safer, letting us use our phones hands-free while we’re on the road. But wouldn’t it be great if they could charge your phone at the same time, while cutting out those pesky wires? ENEGARM Wireless Car Charger does just that — charging your Qi-enabled device while allowing you to drive safely for just $34.99.

The ENEGARM Wireless Car Charger is the best of both worlds; bringing more convenience to your daily commute. Let the fully-rotating, adjustable stand give you great views of your smartphone, while holding it firmly in place. The charger will make sure you’re powered up and haven’t sacrificed any battery power while using navigation apps as you head to your destination.

Ditch those unreliable wired chargers, which often fray and break at the most inopportune times. Bring wireless charging to your car, and power that charger easily with the included QC 3.0 cigarette lighter car charger. The ENEGARM can even automatically detect what type of smartphone you have, and then optimally charge either your iPhone or Android.

Not in your car often? No worries! The ENEGARM can serve the same convenient purpose anywhere you’d like to mount it. Set it up in your kitchen for easy recipe following, or your office to make sure you don’t miss a text while you’re busy working.

Though the ENEGARM Wireless Car Charger typically retails for $49.99, it’s currently available for just $34.99 here.

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