Your Nintendo Switch is going to come with everything you need to jump in and start playing, whether you’re connected to a television or playing mobile, but there’s a lot more to this console. There’s never really been a game console quite like this before, and with that in mind, there are some accessories out there that you might not normally think of. Whether you’re gaming on the go or planted on your couch, here are the best accessories for your Nintendo Switch.

Skip the dock

TNP Nintendo Switch to HDMI Adapter

Instead of packing that big old Dock, plus the power supply, get TNP’s HDMI adapter. It’s got a USB-C cable to connect to your Switch, plus a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and an HDMI port so you can connect all of your needed travel peripherals, including a portable battery pack.

$23 at Amazon

Chat on your phone, game on your Switch

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth

The Arctis 3 is capable of combining audio from two different devices. So, you can plug them directly into your Switch for in-game audio, plus connect them to your iPhone via Bluetooth so you can talk to friends through your preferred online chat channels like Discord.

$99 at Amazon

Look good on the go

Waterfield Arcade gaming case

The Arcade Gaming Case is a beautiful designer bag made of full-grain leather (let me tell you, this leather feels so nice!) with a soft plush lining. It’s big enough to fit your Switch tablet (with the Joy-Cons detached), a Hori Compact PlayStand, your Joy-Cons, all your necessary cables, and more.

$109 at SF Bags

Go pro

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Not only is the look and feel similar to what exists right now for the Wii U, but the Switch Pro Controller is going to offer a bigger battery and has an NFC receiver baked in for Amiibo support. It’s also ready for motion controls as well.

$60 at Amazon

Keep it charged

Nyko Charge Block Pro

If you’re going to get a Pro Controller, you might as well go all in and get the nice charging dock Nyko makes for it. Normally the Pro Controller charges over USB-C, but this dock gives you a set of magnetic pins instead. You just drop the Controller in the dock when not in use, and that way it’s always charged when you need it.

$15 at Amazon

Double the joy

Extra Joy-Cons

I know, you could just get a Pro Controller instead of dropping another $70 on these, but depending on your needs it might be a better investment to get a second pair of Joy-Cons because you can split them into four controllers for epic multiplayer games.

$70 at Amazon

Charge them Cons!

Orbeet Joy-Con Charger

Your Joy-Cons don’t have a charger outside of what you get on the actual Nintendo Switch, and that can be a problem if you’ve got multiple pairs of controllers and don’t always connect them to your console. Fortunately, Orbeet makes a nice 4-in-1 charger with 2 additional USB ports for charging Pro Controllers.

$15 at Amazon

Cover that dock

Switch Dock Sock

A number of talented folks out there have started making and selling simple cloth covers for the front part of Nintendo Switch Docks, adding a little bit of style and protection to your setup. There are a bunch of different designs, but more importantly they keep the Switch display from being accidentally scratched by the plastic edges of the Switch Dock.

$17 at Amazon

Get a grip

Joy-Con Handles

Myriann makes a cover for your Joy-Con controllers that make them more like a mini version of the Grip for each side. The horizontal design makes it easy for you to access the L and R buttons, which is important for drifting and throwing items in Mario Kart Deluxe 8.

$11 at Amazon

Just like a tablet

The hybrid cover

BD&A offers a snap-on folio that covers the display when not in use and gives the Switch a few more options when in its kickstand mode for portable gameplay. If you plan to travel a lot with your Switch, this is perfect for keeping it safe.

$18 at Amazon

Travel officially

Official Switch Deluxe Travel Case

This official Nintendo-made case lets you store a Switch with a Joy-Con and boasts padded pockets for storage and analog stick protection. It also features hard plastic cases which will allow you to safely store your game cards and not worry about them rattling around. It will keep your Switch safe for all forms of travel and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

$20 at Amazon

Card carrying member

Game Card Case

HORI makes a slim Game Card Case that holds 24 games, which should take you a little while to fill up. It even has space for memory cards, just in case you need to swap.

$10 at Amazon

Raise it up

Hori Compact Playstand

HORI’s $13 Compact Playstand raises the Switch up off the ground with a cutout for the charging cable so you can keep your game going while it’s juicing up. Plus, the stand collapses down flat so you can take it on the go without it taking up too much space.

$13 at Amazon

Get wired

Nintendo Ethernet Adapter

Some of us don’t want Wi-Fi getting in the way of our online gameplay, and while Switch doesn’t offer an Ethernet port in the tablet itself there’s a way to make sure you’re wired when connected to the dock. This adapter will keep you off of those unstable wireless connections and ready to game on a good old LAN.

$21 at Amazon

Charged up!

RavPower 26800

If you want to keep your Switch powered up while you are on the go, my absolute favorite choice is the RavPower 268000. This power bank holds a whole lot of juice which means you can take your switch from fully drained to fully charged about five times. It’s well worth your money and perfect for a Switch travel kit.

$80 at Amazon

There is a whole wide world of accessories out there for your Nintendo Switch. Getting the stuff you need to make your Switch experience your own can make your gaming life just a little bit better! The accessory I started with the Official Nintendo Switch Deluxe Travel Case. I have taken it with me while travelling by planes, cars, and vans and it has served me well for every mile.

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