Zillow rolled out its initial trial of 3D tours for homes in the state of Arizona back in 2017. Now, a couple of years later, the company has decided to expand the feature.

As noted on Monday by VentureBeat, Zillow’s iPhone app now officially supports 3D tours of homes for all users. The feature relies on realtors taking panoramic photos of the houses they are trying to sell. The server, thanks to artificial intelligence, stitches those photos together to offer the 3D experience. This isn’t a full augmented reality experience, but it should certainly fit the bill for most viewers.

When the 3D tours are viewed online, visitors will be able to tap (while using the app, or clicking when looking on the web) the screen to change the point of view. They will also be able to drag or simply look around to check out rooms within the house they are interested in.

“For prospective home buyers, touring a house traditionally entails commuting to top prospects and painstakingly documenting each room with photos, but Zillow wants to drag the process into the 21st century. To that end, the Seattle, Washington-based real estate database company today announced the debut of 3D Home, an AI-powered iOS app that allows potential buyers to view 360-degree pics and tours of properties.”

The feature is rolling out this week, according to the original report. It will be available in the United States and Canada. As noted by Zillow’s director of product development, Josh Weisberg, this new feature within the app is free to potential home buyers:

“Making 3D home tours available for sellers and agents to capture and add to any listing, for free … is a huge milestone in our work to make the real estate transaction a more seamless, on-demand experience for consumers,” said Zillow’s director of product development, Josh Weisberg. “Previously, 3D tours were only found on high-end or expensive homes, due to the high cost and time-intensive capture process. Now, with 3D Home, adding an immersive experience to a home listing is fast, easy, and free, which benefits buyers and sellers at all price points.”

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