Samsung is launching its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, later this month. Initial hands-on impressions of the handset were pretty positive. But now, one day later, and the plastic display on the inside is already seeing some major issues.

As was reported by AndroidBeat today:

It has not been long since the first impressions of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, went live. And while the initial reactions appeared to be on the positive side, it appears that many individuals are running into display issues already.

It is being reported by several different outlets that the Galaxy Fold is seeing a major issue with its display. The Verge has one of the reports, outlining that, along the crease when the display is folded open, there is something pressing up against the plastic panel. A bulge of some kind, which could be the hinge itself.

“Look closely at the picture above, and you can see a small bulge right on the crease of my Galaxy Fold review unit. It’s just enough to slightly distort the screen, and I can feel it under my finger. There’s something pressing up against the screen at the hinge, right there in the crease. My best guess is that it’s a piece of debris, something harder than lint for sure. It’s possible that it’s something else, though, like the hinge itself on a defective unit pressing up on the screen.”

Other publications have also come forward to say that their Galaxy Fold review unit is broken in the display. CNBC, Bloomberg, and others. However, there are also other publications, including The Wall Street Journal, that say their review unit is just fine, but they haven’t taken off the screen protector yet:

This is a major issue for Samsung, and not just because this is just a day after initial hands-on impressions, or because it’s a $1,980 smartphone. The company itself touted the fact that the Galaxy Fold was able to last for up to 200,000 folds. Whether or not that is actually the case will now be up for debate. At the time of this publication Samsung has not offered a statement on the matter at hand.

As noted by The Verge:

“We’ve seen worries about scratches on expensive phones and debris breaking the keyboard on expensive MacBooks, but a piece of debris distorting the screen on a $1,980 phone after one day of use feels like it’s on an entirely different level.”

[via AndroidBeat; The Verge]