Apple may switch up the color palette of the upcoming iPhone XR successor by retiring the current Coral and Blue colorways while introducing two new color options, Green and Lavender.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara said during the weekend that the new hues will be offered alongside White, Black, Yellow and (PRODUCT)RED. Color is the best way to telegraph to the world that you have a new iPhone when the design has barely changed. The colorful iPhone XR debuted in six colors—White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral and PRODUCT(RED)—as illustrated below.

White and Black are standard options and they aren’t going anywhere, but I find it odd that the Blue and orange (Coral) options may be dropped. I’ve always though that that psychedelic yellow is the least appealing phone color. If Apple is indeed switching up Coral and Blue with Green and Lavender, that might mean that Coral and Blue are the least popular iPhone XR colors.

I find that surprising: hues of orange and blue have traditionally worked out well for Android manufacturers, and people seem to be liking these colors. This is all purely subjective—Apple has the data and they know precisely how well each color is selling.

Providing the colors that people will dig is important, even more so if you’re selling multiple color options, because retailers must stock each SKU (stock-keeping unit) without knowing in advance which ones people will prefer. I just hope that the next iPhone XR will be available in that gorgeous PRODUCT(RED) treatment from day one, like the current models.

Thoughts on these iPhone XR color changes?