The iPhone XR is already billed as the iPhone with the best battery life by Apple, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t room for improvement. A new rumor suggests Apple will be moving in that direction with the iPhone XR successor this year.

Korean website The Elec has a new report out this Wednesday, detailing a supplier-side story that suggests Apple is planning on bumping up the battery capacity of the iPhone XR successor later this year. Specifically, the report states that Apple will include a 3110mAh battery in the new iPhone XR — a 5.7 percent bump when compared to the 2942mAh battery inside the current model.

China’s ATL (Ameperx Technology Limited) has kicked off mass production of batteries for the successor to Apple’s iPhone XR forecast to be unveiled later this year, according to those close to the matter on June 9. Battery packaging will be done by another Chinese firm, Huapu Technology.

The new batteries will have a capacity of 3110mAh, which is more than a 5% improvement from the 2942mAh of the iPhone XR.

Just for fun, compare the rumored battery increase to the current iPhone XS Max battery of 3174mAh and the two get dangerously close. However, it’s also rumored that the successor to the iPhone XS Max will also see a slight uptick in battery capacity as well, so it sounds like the larger smartphone (which draws more power than the iPhone XR by default) will keep a slight lead in this category.

As far as other rumors about the new iPhone XR are concerned, the handset is said to be upgrading to a dual camera system on the back of the phone, up from the single rear camera on the current model. Whatever happens with the new model, it’s expected that Apple will showcase its 2019 iPhone lineup at an event in September.

If you won an iPhone XR, are you happy with your phone’s battery life?