Cut that cord.

The Mohu Leaf Metro indoor 25-mile TV antenna is down to $12.99 on Amazon. The antenna normally sells for $18, and while we have shared deals on it before we have not seen it drop this low on Amazon since 2017.

When this thing calls itself "Metro," it means it. The 25-mile range is really short for an HDTV antenna, so you’ll want to make sure you live in an urban area if you use it. Use a reception map like this if you are unsure about how strong the signal might be in your area. You can use the antenna to access high def over-the-air TV channels even when you don’t have a cable subscription. What exactly is available to you will be based on where you live, but you could receive channels like ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more.

The Metro’s design is much smaller than other HDTV antennas, which means it will blend in a lot nicer. It’s multi-directional and reversible so you can place it just about anywhere. Plus, you can paint it if you want it to match the color of the room it’s in. The ten-foot high-performance cable gives you a lot of flexibility for placement, too.

The antenna comes with a one-year warranty. Users give it 4 stars based on 780 reviews.

Don’t live in a metro area and need some more range? This AmazonBasics 50-mile HDTV antenna is just $28 right now.

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