An upcoming iPhone SE model, tentatively referred to as the iPhone SE 4, is expected to be released by Apple, likely next year. The entry-level model is anticipated to adopt a more contemporary iPhone design. The redesign of the iPhone SE 4 is said to mirror the aesthetic of the iPhone 14, featuring flat sides and eliminating the Touch ID button while retaining the wider notch at the top of the display.

Internally identified as D59 and codenamed Ghost, the iPhone SE 4 is reported to have a single rear camera lens, in contrast to the dual lenses of the iPhone 14. Despite this, it is expected to incorporate a 48-megapixel sensor, ensuring satisfactory photo quality in various conditions. MacRumors asserts that there is substantial evidence supporting the single rear camera design, including references in Apple’s internal documentation, known by the codename Portland.

The iPhone SE 4’s design overhaul is seen as a welcome change, given that the current iPhone SE model maintains a visual resemblance to the 2017 iPhone 8. While specific details about the new device’s specifications are limited, it is speculated that it will feature a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port. This transition aligns with the impending EU regulation on standardized charging, set to take effect next year, prompting Apple to conform to the new legislation by transitioning its portable, rechargeable devices to USB-C.

Although MacRumors does not provide a release date for the next iPhone SE, the level of detailed information circulating, allegedly from Apple or its partners, suggests that an official announcement may not be far off. Considering the release pattern of previous models, with the 3rd generation iPhone SE launched in March 2022, it is reasonable to anticipate the iPhone SE 4’s potential release around March or April 2024.