The Reeder 4 public beta is now available with cool new features and enhancements aimed at all you RSS addicts out there, including automatic Dark Mode switching to match your macOS Mojave theme, pull to refresh, iCloud syncing, additional layout options and much more.

Completely rewritten from scratch, Reeder 4 is a major upgrade from Reeder 3 which was featured as one of the items on Apple’s list of App Store apps which offer a pure dark theme.

Silvio explains why it took so long:

Reeder 4 is a complete rewrite which did take way longer than planned. The good news is that the iOS version is almost done too, more on that soon. Reeder 4 will be sold as a new app.

Check out the changelog for the full list of new features and enhancements:

  • Read Later service with iCloud syncing: Very beta at this point.
  • Article list with preview images: Change size/disable in Preferences → Appearance.
  • Image viewer: Use the smart magnify gesture (two-finger double tap on trackpads) to view an image (also works in the article list and in-app browser).
  • More layout options: Reeder 4 by default automatically adjusts the layout depending on the window size. This can be changed in Preferences → Appearance.
  • Improved article viewer: Reeder finally uses WKWebview for the article viewer.
  • Reader view with Readability.js: This is also used by Reeder’s Read Later service.
  • Pull-to-refresh: Start syncing or go to the next/previous item in the article viewer.

The app supports many popular RSS services, including Feedbin, Feedly and Feed Wrangler and more. Aside from these services, the Reeder apps also have standalone RSS support.

Per-service account settings in Reeder 4

If you prefer to get your news via RSS, especially after Google pulled the plug on its own Reader service, take Reeder 4 for a spin by downloading the public beta at

According to its developer Silvio Rizzi, Reeder 4 is “almost done.”

Reeder 4 has a bunch of themes and automatic Dark Mode to match your macOS theme.

To celebrate Reeder 4’s arrival, Rizzi’s temporarily discounted Reeder 3 for iOS ($10) and Reeder 3 for macOS ($5), meaning you could save a cool $15 by downloading both apps.

But hurry up because Reeder 3 will be free until Reeder 4 is released later this year. For those wondering, Reeder 4 will be a premium app without any subscriptions whatsoever.

Is there anyone out there still using RSS?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one…