This smart vacuum cleaner is a home run.

"Her" name is Trixie, and she’s become quite popular in my home after just a short period. She’s not a cat or a dog, or even a hamster. In fact, "she’s" not alive at all. Known by her corporate name, the ECOVACS Deebot OZMO 930, Trixie is perhaps the best smart vacuum robot I’ve tested to date. And yes, I’ve tested a lot of them!

ECOVAC Deebot OZMO 930

Price: $600

Bottom line: This is the best smart vacuum robot ECOVACS has made to date.

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The Good

  • Quiet operation
  • Navigation system rocks
  • Comes with two main brushes
  • Great at avoiding obstacles

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Difficult setup

Two products in one

What is the ECOVACS Deebot OZMO 930?

Announced earlier this year at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the ECOVACS Deebot OZMO 930 is the company’s most feature-rich consumer vacuum robot to date. Like ECOVACS’ other OZMO products, this one also includes mopping capabilities that you can utilize on hardwood floors.

Before discussing why I think the OZMO 930 is the best smart vacuum robot I’ve tested to date, let me explain my thoughts on what makes an excellent smart vacuum robot.

First, a robot in 2019 needs to know the difference between surfaces automatically and adjust its settings accordingly. When it comes to suction, vacuums need to react differently on carpets and bare floors, after all. A good vacuum cleaner is also able to detect obstacles with ease and change its path on the fly. I also appreciate vacuum robots that can work past strands of hair and pet fur without having a malfunction. It’s also essential for a vacuum to have long running time and the intelligence to get back to its base for charging before the battery runs dry. Readily available replacement parts for your vacuum robot is also essential. Believe me, this seems to be an oversight for some of the less expensive products on the market.

Extra features such as voice control and yes, the ability to mop, are just that, extra. These features are fine add-ons to have. However, I don’t think they are deal breakers for most folks as I’ll explain below.

Lots of features

Deebot OZMO 930: What I like

Having tested an OZMO 930 review unit for a few weeks, it’s clear what I like (and don’t like) about this product. First, let’s start with the good stuff.

From its built-in automated voice that tells you when it begins and ends a job (and when it’s stuck, which isn’t that often), to its relatively quiet operation, it’s clear from the get-go that this vacuum robot is different. I was also impressed with how the machine works with the ECOVACS app. It’s from here where you can schedule cleaning jobs, change the name of the device (hi Trixie), check the cleaning log and status of the hardware parts, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, the app is where you’ll find a digital map of your home which the robot creates using its built-in Smart Navi system. As the machine works its way around your house the first time, it can identify the locations of carpets and flat surfaces, then use this information for more efficient cleaning. You can also use this map to draw virtual boundaries or pinpoint specific areas to clean or avoid.

For example, in the two examples below, I’ve selected a zone on the first floor of my home to clean (marked by the letter "B") and a specific area, respectively:

Beyond this, I was impressed with the machine’s ability to avoid obstacles such as electrical cords, shoes, and dog toys. Yes, you should remove these even before you start a cleaning job. However, if you forget, the machine tends to move right past them with ease. This isn’t the case with many vacuum robots which seem to enjoy eating device cords and then shutting down due to an error.

The OZMO 930 also comes with two main brushes, not just one like other machines. One of these provides a tangle-free suction inlet, which is perfect for homes with pets and kids with long hair. The device also comes with replacement side brushes, two washable/reusable microfiber cleaning cloths for moping, and an extra sponge and high-efficiency filter. Plus, replacement parts are readily available through Amazon.

During testing, I set up the OZMO 930 to work with Amazon Alexa. This process was as simple as activating the ECOVACS skill in the Amazon Alexa app. Once activated, you can use this skill to tell the machine to start and end cleaning jobs, and also start charging. I don’t see myself using Alexa with my robot moving forward. Instead, I’d rather schedule future cleaning jobs with the ECOVACS app or start the machine manually. For those heavily into Alexa skills, know the integration works as intended.

Admittingly, I’ve never been impressed with the mopping capabilities of vacuum robots. The OZMO 930 has somewhat changed my mind on this functionality.

For spot mopping, the OZMO 930 does a great job thanks to ECOVACS’ latest mopping technology. With this, the machine can control the water pump automatically and use sensors to monitor the water flow. In doing so, the OZMO 930 offers a fairly consistent cleaning result.

Despite this, I wouldn’t suggest throwing away your everyday house mop. For deep cleaning, this is the tool you’ll need to continue to use, not the OZMO 930.

Setup headaches

Deebot OZMO 930: What I don’t like

My biggest pet peeve about the Deebot OZMO 930 is the length of time it took to connect it to my network and work with the ECOVACS app. Like similar products, the OZMO 930 only supports 2.4G Wi-FI, not 5G. Though most home Wi-Fi systems allow both to coexist on the same network, many aren’t set up to do this by default. The result is a setup process that could prove confusing for many, especially those who know very little about their network beyond the basics.

I consider myself somewhat savvy when it comes to the operation of my home network. However, setting up the vacuum robot required much more patience than I’m usually willing to give. Unfortunately, the ECOVACS troubleshooting guide doesn’t go beyond the basics.

My advice: If you run into a problem during setup, contact ECOVACS technical support before you spend too much time on this.

My only other gripe about the Deebot OZMO 930 is its everyday retail price. At $600 (when not on sale), this model is $200 more than the company’s current top-end non-mopping model, the Deebot 900/901. This is a huge price difference to pay for a moping system that’s best for only spot cleaning.

My advice part two: Make sure you need the moping system. If you don’t, consider buying the Deebot 900/901 and save some money. You can also wait for the Deebot OZMO 930 to go on sale, which it often does, and buy a device with all of ECOVACS’ latest tools in place.

The current winner

Deebot OZMO 930: Bottom line

out of 5

Regardless, I’m impressed with the ECOVACS Deebot OZMO 930. To date, it’s the best vacuum robot I’ve ever used.

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Have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the OZMO 930 or vacuum robots in general, let us know below.

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