Beginning today, Apple Music’s integration with the Alexa assistant is picking up compatibility with Amazon’s Echo devices for customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Customers in the UK and Ireland can link their Apple Music account to their Amazon account in the Alexa app for iOS: tap Settings → Music → Link New Service within the app to get started.

Compatibility is rolling out over the next few weeks, Amazon said.

When Apple Music is linked to Alexa, you can issue voice commands to the smart assistant asking it to do things such as play a specific song or playlist (“Alexa, play [SONG/PLALIST] on Apple Music”), tune in to Beats 1 radio (“Alexa, listen to Beats 1 Radio”) and more.

TUTORIAL: How to use Apple Music with Alexa

Less than three weeks ago, Apple Music picked up compatibility with Amazon’s Fire devices in the US. The service made an unexpected debut on Amazon’s first-party hardware like the Echo, Dot, Show and Spot speakers last December, taking many watchers by surprise.

In another sign that Apple sees the benefits of making its content and services available on other platforms, Apple Music will also be coming to Alexa-powered speakers made by third-party vendors, such as this gorgeous Maverick portable wireless speaker from Cavalier.

The Maverick speaker does Alexa, has a nine-hour battery and goes everywhere with you

Cavalier is a US brand that makes premium audio products that set you apart from the ordinary. I recently reviewed the Maverick, pictured above, having written that it delivers Alexa in a far more premium package than speakers from Amazon and third-party vendors.

For those wondering, the Maverick is available in Black and Blue, with metallic or distressed leather panels, over at Amazon or from Cavalier Audio for $250 a pop.