Amanda Ripley just can’t seem to get away from aliens. She’s the daughter of series favorite Ellen Ripley, and she’s back in Alien: Blackout, a short suspense game that kicks off after the events of 2014’s Alien: Isolation for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. In both cases, she’s running from E.T.

The story isn’t all that memorable, but Blackout makes up for it by capturing the tension and horror associated with the series. Having nothing at your disposal besides cameras and motion sensors on a space station, you must guide four visitors away from the xenomorph that’s stalking them through the air vents. Sometimes, just to up the ante, the creatures come after you as well. Does Blackout ever match the excellence that was Alien: Isolation? Nah. But if you’re looking for an extra bit of time in the Alien universe, you could do far worse.