You could just choose to use whatever calendar app comes pre-downloaded on your iPhone, but it’s 2023; there are a lot of choices when it comes to finding the best calendar app for the way you work. With that in mind,, here are the top five calendar apps available on the iPhone in 2023:

Fantastical is easily my favorite calendar app. Available on MacOS and IOS, Fantastical has an easy-to-navigate design which, if you think about it, should be one of the main criteria in any calendar. Everything is color coordinated and laid out logically while also giving you the option to customize how it looks. 

Fantastical’s best feature is its powerful language detection feature that allows you to enter events simply by typing what you’re doing. If you have a “meeting with Jason tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. at the office,” you can simply type those words and it will fill in the correct field with the correct information. 

If you have a Gmail account, Google Calendar is a great option. It doesn’t have some of the features you’ll find in Fantastical, or other paid calendar apps, but Google’s version is simple to set up and integrates with all of its other services. 

Google Calendar is also the most useful app if you’re someone who isn’t locked into one ecosystem. Since it’s available on every platform, you can easily use it with your Windows PC, an Android smartphone, an iPhone, and a Mac. Google Calendar also easily handles scheduling and sending invitations. 

The Calendars app from Readdle is a lot like Fantastical. It’s a premium calendar app designed to help you better organize and manage your time. It includes features like adding multiple calendars and natural language input, but the best feature is the planner. 

The app has a very minimalistic design, and is available on iOS, iPadOS, your Mac, and the Apple Watch. Calendars 5 is free to download, but features like multiple calendars or natural language input require an annual subscription for $19.99. 

Honestly, Apple’s built-in calendar app is pretty good. It may not be the best at customization, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s simple and for many, this is all they really need in a calendar. It’s also free and included on every iPhone.

The no-frills design makes it very easy to navigate; press the today, week, month, or year tab to change your view. Apple’s Calendar app is also very sync-savvy. One of its most helpful features is that it syncs with Apple Maps to help you factor in travel times when creating an event. Along the same lines, it can connect to Google and Outlook calendars through iCloud just in case you have multiple calendars for different purposes. 

The app is free, but you do have to create an Outlook account to access it, which can be a burden for people who don’t like having multiple accounts on multiple apps. However, if you do sign up for outlook, you also get access to Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and OneNote. 

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