Tesla hits the road with sleek iPhone cases

Tesla just started offering these two iPhone cases.
Tesla just started offering these two iPhone cases.
Photo: Tesla

Proud Tesla owners can pick up an iPhone case designed by the company that made their car.

A pair of these can be purchased on the new Tesla store on Amazon. There are some other products as well, like car models.

A pair of Tesla iPhone cases

The automaker has a folio case with versions for a range of Apple models, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. Tesla says the version for the iPhone 8 Plus will also fit the 7 Plus.  

It’s made of leatherette, and the fold-over front cover has three slots for credit cards, drivers license, etc. The price is $45.

Tesla also introduced a form-fitting case with versions for all the 2017 iPhone models. It costs $35. This version has the “Tesla” brand on its back, while the folio has it on the cover.

Curiously, there are no versions of either case for the new iOS handsets, including the iPhone XS, XS Plus, and XR. Especially as they are currently Apple’s best-selling models.

These aren’t the first smartphone accessories released by this company. It introduced a wireless charger last summer, for example.

Also on the Tesla store

Fans of Tesla can also get a $70 hoodie with the company name or a $25 coffee mug with the logo on the new Tesla store on Amazon. Or there’s a series of $250 diecast models for the Model S,  Model S P100D or Model X.

Apple and Tesla have surprisingly intertwined histories. They keep hiring away each other’s executives, and it’s even been suggested that Apple buy the carmaker.

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