Spotify is Testing Ads That Users Interact With Using Their Voice

Posted by Evan Selleck on May 03, 2019 in News, Spotify

Advertisements can be annoying, and typically are. However, some companies out there are trying new ways to reduce that annoyance. Whether or not Spotify’s new interactive ads, which users can use their voice to interact with, falls in that category remains to be seen.

TechCrunch has the report on Friday. Spotify is rolling out interactive ads, which can actually listen for a user’s voice. The idea is pretty straightforward: One of these interactive ads start playing, and the user can say something like “Play now” to be taken to the relevant content. You won’t actually have to click or touch anything to launch into the advertisement’s product.

Right now there are only two interactive ads rolling on Spotify. The first is for a first-party podcast called Stay Free: The Story of the Clash, and the other is for Axe products from Unilever. Activating the keyword with your voice will either jump into a playlist from Unilever, or to the podcast’s landing page directly.

Spotify says the device you’re using will only have its microphone activated for as long as the ad is running. And if you say anything other than the specific keyword, the microphone will deactivate early. Right now, the test is being run on iOS and Android devices.

You’ll need to have Spotify’s voice controls turned on to take advantage of the new ads. And they are only being tested on the mobile apps in the United States for now.

In related Spotify news, the streaming music platform recently announced it had reached 100 million subscribers globally.

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What do you think of this idea? It would probably be pretty helpful, especially for podcasts, once it becomes available on speakers.

[via TechCrunch]

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