Not a week goes by without a Spotify announcement. Just as we learned earlier this month that the Swedish music-service’s app will come preloaded on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and other new devices, Spotify is now offering Hulu’s ad-supported plan at no cost.

This new perk goes into effect today.

It’s available to all Spotify Premium customers, existing or new, in the US through June 10, 2019 or while supplies last, excluding those on Spotify’s family plan.

With this announcement, Spotify Premium, a $10 per month value, now offers combined access to not only music and podcasts, but also Hulu TV shows and movies.

The Hulu With Limited Commercials was lowered a few weeks ago to $6 per month when purchased as a standalone subscription, down from $8 per month.

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you’ll need to connect Hulu to your Spotify account via the Your Services page in your account settings. If you already get Hulu through Spotify, you’ll enjoy the aforementioned savings without having to do anything.

If you subscribe to Hulu but don’t have a Spotify Premium account, you must first cancel your Hulu billing before setting it up on Spotify in order to receive the discount, as per The Verge.

Keep in mind that this offer exclusive other Hulu add-ons so, for example, you won’t be able to watch premium channels like HBO or Showtime by connecting your Hulu and Spotify accounts, not even if you already have a $5 per month student Spotify/Hulu bundle.

Spotify has doubled-down on podcasts, exclusives and other enhanced content to boost the appeal of its market-leading service at a time when Apple Music has been catching up to Spotify globally (Apple’s service surpassed Spotify in the US last summer).

Spotify and Hulu also offer bundles to eligible college students can pay five bucks per month to enjoy not only their Spotify Premium subscription ($10 per month) but also their Hulu With Limited Commercials plan ($6 per month) and a Showtime subscription ($11 per month).