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The iPad Pro is Apple’s most powerful tablet to date. It is also one of the company’s most eye-catching devices. It is also a tablet that not only suffers from persistent bending issues, but may also suffer from screen stuttering problems, too.

As noted by MacRumors on Tuesday, a growing number of iPad Pro owners are experiencing a screen stuttering issue while using the device. Some, in fact, have been experiencing the problem since the day they purchased it — at launch, back in November of last year. For example, here is one forum member that goes by the name “flasch”, sharing his screen stuttering issues:

“I bought a new 12.9″ iPad pro on the first available day last Wednesday. The o, k, and to a lesser extent i and j keys on the on-screen software keyboard consistently recognized touch with a click and change in colour of the key but the letter would often not appear in any program. For o in particular, it often required several attempts to make the letter register.

Spent time on the phone with apple and they didn’t have a solution. A full restore to factory settings didn’t help.

I returned it to the store today and picked up a new 12.9″ iPad pro. Brought it home and this one is worse. Ofter 5 or more presses of o or k to get it to register. When the iPad is turned clockwise to landscape mode, the q and w are then in the same region of the device and they don’t work either. Seven presses of the q before a letter appeared on the screen. It seems the bottom right of the touchscreen has an issue.”

As noted, the issue is most notable when a certain section of the display becomes unresponsive to even multiple inputs. And, for some iPad Pro owners, the issue has expanded to impact overall scrolling while using the display. As it stands right now, the issue appears to be mostly centered around the 2018 iPad Pro model, but there are some complaints of the issue cropping up in the 2017 variant as well.

Here is a video showcasing the issue:

Apple has not commented on the issue, or publicly addressed it. And while it appears that a growing number of iPad Pro owners are experiencing the screen stuttering problem, it seems to be pretty low-key on a broad scale for the time being. It is not known at this time whether it is a hardware issue, or one related to software.

Interestingly, some owners have said that the issue goes away entirely when the Apple Pencil 2 is attached to the side of the tablet. Others, though, say this does not fix the issue at all.

Our Take

This seems to be a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but, of course, it’s definitely not a minor issue for people running into it on a regular basis. If you have an iPad Pro and you do have screen stuttering issues, take your tablet into an Apple Store and get it checked out.

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