These nifty Fujifilm cameras are like the Polaroid’s cooler sibling…

Best Buy has the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera on sale for $39.99 in a few colors right now. Typically these sell for around $55 but they are all an all-time low price thanks to this drop. The deal applies to the ice blue, flamingo pink, smokey purple, and Best-Buy-exclusive mint green colors.

These cameras are awesome — and that’s not just us saying that. This model features a selfie mirror, which ensures that you’ll get a good angle, as well as a macro lens adapter for close-up shots. Users can also enjoy High-Key mode for dreamy, soft, bright portraits that will look great hanging in a locker or on a bedroom wall. The Instax Mini 9 automatically detects ambient light and recommends an aperture setting using a flashing LED. To adjust your setting, you just have to rotate a dial. They’re insanely user-friendly and the fact that they look super cute doesn’t hurt either. Each camera requires two AA batteries.

Note that these don’t come with film. You can get a Film Value Pack for $35 right now. You’ll get enough for 60 photos in that pack. Or experiment with some moody Monochrome film while it’s on sale. I also recommend picking up a sweet matching camera case, or perhaps one of these fun accessory bundles that come with items like a photo album and gel filters for the lens.

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