They say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. That’s a lot of time to invest, and there are precious few avenues for getting a return on that investment. Until now.

Skills Co is a new app that serves two demographics: those want to learn a skill, and those who want to make some coin by imparting the knowledge they’ve already accumulated.

Here’s how it works from the point of view of someone with skills. All you need to do is download the app, create a video tutorial, and upload it to the platform along with a description of the lessons you’re providing.

It’s basically like uploading a tutorial video, but with a slick bespoke interface and, crucially, you get paid for it.

You can set a price for each video tutorial you upload, and you’ll keep a staggering 90% of the profits minus processing fees. Add a sought-after skill to the platform and the cash will roll in – all for a modest $10 monthly fee, which is less than an HD Netflix subscription.

There are hundreds of categories to choose from, including Digital, Beauty, Business, Musical, Cultural, Technical, and so on. Whatever your area of expertise, there’s almost certainly a place for you to pass on your knowledge on Skills Co.

For knowledge seekers, meanwhile, the appeal of Skills Co is obvious. Rather than casting around for advice in the wilderness of the internet, where any mumbling chancer is free to upload a blurry tutorial, you can have access to a single repository of high quality, curated advice from real experts, available to download at the tap of a touchscreen.

Skills CEO describes the app as a sort of Netflix for skills, which seems about right to us. It contains a huge amount of content to browse using a slick interface. The difference is that binging on this app is good for you.

You can download Skills Co on the App Store right now, or use the web app at