Starting with iOS 12.2, Siri can recommend Today at Apple sessions that are relevant to you, right on the Lock screen, based on your interests as well as Safari and app usage. These are in addition to the existing, not-so-smart session recommendations in the Apple Store app.

If you have iOS 12.2 and the Apple Store app installed, venture into Settings → Siri & Search → Apple Store and you’ll notice a new toggle, labeled Find Interest in Other Apps.

What it does is just that.

When enabled, Siri will recommend sessions by analyzing your Safari browsing history, as well as taking into account what apps you have installed and how you use them.

Michael Steeber, writing for 9to5Mac:

For instance, if you use Procreate on your iPad every day, Siri could suggest an Art Walk or a drawing session. If you use a lot of workout apps, Siri might suggest the Health & Fitness Walk.

But wait, doesn’t Apple already suggests recommended Today at Apple sessions? Yes, but these only appeared in the Apple Store app and not on your Lock screen.

Existing Today at Apple session notifications and recommendations in the Apple Store app.

As Steeber explains:

The Apple Store app will currently alert you to in-store features and offers using beacons that detect when you enter an Apple Store. It’s not immediately clear if these new suggestions will work with a similar geofence, or if they will appear when there are relevant upcoming sessions on the calendar for your local store.

Besides, these older Today at Apple session recommendations within the Apple Stores are based on the hardware you own without throwing Siri intelligence and a greater level of personalization to the mix.

Today at Apple is an initiative pioneered by outgoing retail chief Angela Ahrendts, one she’ll be probably best remembered for. These free creative sessions take place both inside and outside Apple Stores, offering fans an opportunity to learn something new with their Apple device.

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