The Sileo Team on Wednesday released a minor update for the Sileo package manager that comes bundled with the Electra Team’s Chimera and Electra jailbreak tools, bringing the app up from version 1.0 to version 1.0.1.

The Sileo Team announced the update just this morning via Twitter, noting that it would resolve a problem where certain packages would display ‘failed to fetch archives’ messages:

In a series of follow-up Tweets, the Sileo Team added that Cydia purchases aren’t currently working on A12(X) devices since Cydia doesn’t recognize the new UDID format on these newer devices, but that they should work properly on A7-A11 devices:

On the other hand, all purchases made via the Chariz, Dynastic, and Packix repositories should work as expected on A12(X) since they can handle the new formats.

This will be a particularly frustrating limitation for those on A12(X) devices who’ve purchased tweaks from other repositories, such as BigBoss, and it remains to be seen if a better solution will be made available in the future.

In another Tweet shared Wednesday morning, the Sileo Team announced that a Sileo Upgrade Helper utility would soon be made available for Electra users on iOS 11 to make it easier to switch to Sileo from Cydia:

Both Cydia and Sileo are compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 12, although Pwn20wnd’s unc0ver jailbreak is the only one to support Cydia on iOS 12. The Electra Team has no interest in supporting Cydia on the new iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak, which instead installs Sileo by default.

If you’re using the Chimera or Electra jailbreak, then you need only launch the Sileo app and refresh your sources to find the update. Moreover, CoolStar has assured us that an updated Sileo Demo will be available for non-jailbreakers to test soon.

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