The Sileo Team pushed another minor update to the Sileo beta preview on Saturday with new features and improvements, bringing the Cydia competitor up to version 0.7b4.

An announcement Tweet shared by the Sileo Team this morning incorporates a screenshot of the Sileo app serving push notifications to the user concerning pending package updates:

From the screenshot example and the limited information offered, it’s unclear if these push notifications notify users about updates to all installed packages or only about updates to Sileo itself. But one thing is certain: Sileo would need to refresh its sources for updates in the background to make this possible, which may have a slight (mostly negligible) impact on battery life.

Those already jailbroken with Electra can find this
update in the Electra Team’s default repository; although it’s not substantial
enough to warrant an entirely new beta preview version.

The Sileo package manager is currently in its second beta
preview. The next beta preview should let the
BigBoss repository serve a single ad
 to users, a move by the
Sileo Team that came in response to backlash after
it was found that Sileo wasn’t letting BigBoss serve any ads to users. There’s
no word yet on when that next beta preview might surface, but hopefully it
comes sooner rather than later.

Notably, the Electra jailbreak tool now makes
Sileo one of the default package managers
 alongside Cydia. The
Electra Team says this is a small footstep toward replacing Cydia entirely on
the Electra platform. As for unc0ver users, iOS developer LaughingQuoll is
expected to oversee the development of a
specialized Sileo build for the unc0ver platform

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Sileo package manager? Share in the comments section below.