Given the chance, most of us would jump at the opportunity to bring down our power bills. But, there’s a prevailing assumption that doing so involves dealing with steep upfront costs before the savings actually come in. Arcadia Power presents a different solution, however, and it’s willing to give new users $20 off their first utility bill for trying out the platform.

At its core, Arcadia Power is a free platform that connects homeowners and renters to clean, low-cost energy solutions. Users who sign up become part of a community of more than 150,000 members, driving the platform’s purchasing power and allowing Arcadia Power to negotiate for lower monthly payments for green energy.

Members start by connecting their local utility account to the platform and enrolling in clean energy and savings programs. From there, Arcadia Power does the heavy lifting, ensuring each member’s electricity usage supports renewable energy sources.

Price Alerts leverage the community’s buying power to automatically find and connect eligible members to lower electricity rates. Arcadia Power also helps members save by connecting them to community solar projects, as well as home efficiency solutions.

Using their Arcadia Power dashboard, members can then track their impact, bills, renewable energy projects, usage and savings.

After switching, Arcadia Power members have saved as much as 30% off their power bills, all while helping keep the planet clean and healthy. For those interested in seeing how Arcadia Power can make a dent in their power bills, the platform is offering new members $20 off their first power bill by signing up here.