Apple is planning on launching a successor to the original AirPods soon. At least, that’s what iOS 12.2 tells us.

As far as the rumor mill is concerned, one of the biggest changes to Apple’s next-generation truly wireless headphones will be support for wireless charging. Apple has already promoted the idea, thanks to the AirPower wireless charging mat the company announced back in 2017. But Apple has tried to stop mentioning the charging mat since then. It’s possible the AirPods 2 will still support wireless charging, though.

It looks like Samsung is betting on that eventuality, too. According to a new image shared by WinFuture this week, Samsung’s planning on launching an updated pair of truly wireless headphones soon, too. Instead of the “Gear Icon X”, though, these new headphones will be called the “Galaxy Buds”. According to the shared image and corresponding report, they will support wireless charging.

However, that is potentially not the biggest news from the image. There have been Android phones in the past that support wirelessly charging other devices, and the Galaxy S10 lineup may do the same. As you can see from the image, the charging case is open and the green charging lights are on. That indicates the case is being charged (and fully topped up). But the case is actually resting on the back of what is expected to be the Galaxy S10. That suggests the Galaxy S10 itself is charging the case.

If that is what’s going on here, then the rumor mill has already called this feature “PowerShare”, and it could be a major talking point for Samsung later this month.

It’s not likely that Apple will make it so that the 2019 iPhone lineup can wirelessly charger other devices (or the other way around for that matter), including new AirPods, but it’s a nice pipe dream. What do you think of this feature?

[via AndroidBeat; WinFuture]

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