4K at a minimum this year.

Ready for new 2019 televisions? Samsung is and these QLED TVs are blasting onto the scene with 41 different options varying in size, quality, and price. While not wildly available just yet, you can find some of them available for pre-order on Samsung.com and B&H right now. We should start seeing them at other retailers fairly soon.

Decide for yourself how much you want to spend and what features you need because prices range from the 43-inch RU7100 for $427.99 to the QLED 8K 98-inch screen that will probably be around $30,000 or more (the 2018 85-inch version is $15,000).

Go all out with the QLED 8K TVs, which use Samsung’s Quantum Processor 8K. It upscales lower resolution content and allows for native 8K content, too. The processor can also optimize audio and video to the specific content on the screen and provide a sound experience tailored to the layout of your room. Of course, you probably don’t need an 8K television right now, but don’t let that stop you.

If you want to take it down a notch to QLED 4K, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the Q60, Q70, Q80 and Q90 series. Each one has a few size selections to choose from. The QLED 4K panels are powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 4K. Samsung also updated The Frame and The Serif, two "lifestyle" TVs with QLED 4K. We considered The Frame one of Samsung’s best TVs last year, and the improvements Samsung claims to have made will probably keep it near the top of the pile.

The Q80 and Q90 series feature "Ultra Viewing Angle" tech that reduces glare, enhances color, and allows the backlight to pass through the panel so everything across the screen is lit evenly. You’ll also get Direct Full Array technology with Q70, Q80, and Q90. The precision-controlled LEDs featured in these panels will automatically adjust to display deeper blacks and purer whites.

Samsung is adding more to the Smart TV Services this year, too. You’ll be able to access iTunes Movies and TV Shows through an app debuting in 100 countries the first time, and 2018 models will gain this access through a firmware update. The new lineup will also have Apple AirPlay 2 support in 190 countries. If you already use iTunes on other devices, you’ll be able to access that library and browse the iTunes Store to buy or rent movies and TV shows there. AirPlay 2 of course adds support for any number of Apple devices that you’ll now be able to connect to your TV and play from.

Other Smart features include an updated AI algorithm that offers customized recommendations based on your subscription services and viewing habits, and integrated voice assistants including Samsung’s New Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. You’ll even be able to use the Samsung OneRemote to control your TV with your voice from across the room.

Samsung’s Real Game Enhancer and Auto Game Modes help create a better experience for gamers. You’ll get AMD’s FreeSync tech to reduce screen-tearing and Game Motion Plus to remove motion blur. These features will combine automatically with Auto Game Mode to help reduce input lag on compatible devices.

Along with updates to lifestyle TVs like The Frame and The Serif, Samsung is also updating Ambient Mode, which lets you turn an inactive blank screen into an informational display. You can even use it to display photos or works of art.

Here’s a breakdown of the full lineup with pre-order links where we could find them:


  • Q900: 65", 75", 82", 85", 98"


  • Q90: 65", 75", 82"
  • Q80: 55", 65", 75", 82"
  • Q70: 49", 55", 65", 75", 82"
  • Q60: 43", 49", 55", 65", 75", 82"

QLED Lifestyle 4K TVs:

  • The Frame: 43", 49", 55", 65"
  • The Serif: 55"

4K UHD RU Series

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