After reviewing the defect highlighted in both early reviews and iFixit’s teardown analysis of its $1,980 Galaxy Fold smartphone, Samsung has reportedly resolved the issues involving the main display.

Now launch of the delayed device appears imminent, with Samsung’s mobile chief Koh Dong-jin saying Thursday that the South Korean company will “soon” announce a rescheduled plan for the Fold’s launch in the United States, The Korean Herald said Thursday.

“The company has reviewed the defect caused from substances that entered the device, and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days on the launch,” the executive said.

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

Based on Koh’s comments, Samsung appears to be coming close to a final decision on the US launch, although the company has been working on rescheduling the US launch of the Galaxy Fold devices with enhanced display protection in a conservative manner, considering the time needed for necessary steps including radio certification and device testing procedures by US mobile carriers.

The Fold was originally supposed to launch in the US on April 26.

The measures the company is taking to rectify the situation apparently involve strengthening the durability of the exposed areas on the hinge and minimizing the tiny gap between the protective layer and the bezel of the main display.

Doing so should prevent any external substances from entering the device.

On some units, the company said, substances were found on exposed areas at the top and bottom of the hinge. Samsung informed US pre-order customers Monday that it will cancel their order automatically “if we do not hear from you and we have not shipped by May 31”.

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