Samsung Sends Foldable Display Samples to Apple and Google

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Mar 03, 2019 in Apple News, News

Samsung has usually reserved the best OLED panels for itself. However, it looks like for its foldable OLED panels, the company is making an exception. The Korean company has sent out samples of its foldable display to Apple as well as Google.

The OLED panel set sent by Samsung Display measures 7.2-inches — 0.1-inch smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s first foldable product.

“We know that Samsung Display has supplied a set of foldable drives to Apple and Google in order to fully expand its folder-based display business and uncover customers,” an industry source familiar with the Samsung Foldable Display said.

Samsung has likely sent out OLED foldable panels to Apple and Google so that their engineers can play around with the technology and come up with product ideas where the panels could be used.

The report says that Samsung is looking for customers for its foldable OLED panels. While the company reserved its curved OLED panels for itself for almost two years, it is not taking a similar stance with its foldable display panels. That’s because it does not expect them to have the same impact as its OLED panels had.

For now, the foldable display technology is still too young. However, by sharing panels with Apple and Google, Samsung will allow them to develop interesting products around them. Right now, the problem is that foldable displays look cool in tech demos. Whether they are useful in real life or not is something that is yet to be seen. And this is what their success will depend on as well.

Apart from Samsung, Huawei has also announced its foldable phone — the Mate X. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X has a more attractive design, though Huawei is sourcing the foldable panel from BOE instead of developing one of its own.

[Via ET News]

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