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Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S10+, has managed to beat the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in DxOMark’s camera testing. That stands true for both, the front and rear camera performance. In the rear camera performance, the Galaxy S10+ sits right at the top alongside the Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro. And for the front camera, it sets a new benchmark beating the likes of Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy S10 scored 114 points in the photo test, with the video score coming in at 97 points and an overall score of 109 points. For comparison, the iPhone XS Max scored 110 and 96 respectively in DxOMark’s photo and video benchmarks, with a total overall score of 105.

The DxOMark team was particularly impressed with the accurate white balance, color rendering, and wide dynamic range offered by the Galaxy S10’s primary 12MP shooter. It also found the bokeh effect to be realistic, with a good amount of details being retained in zoomed-in images. In typical Samsung fashion, while noise level in low-light images remains low, there was a slight loss of details.

The team only tested the rear 12MP dual aperture shooter of the Galaxy S10 and its scores are based on that. It did not take into account the performance of the ultra-wide angle shooter for its testing.

In the video department, the Galaxy S10’s fast autofocus and stabilization were its highlights along with good white balance and target exposure. However, videos do come out a bit undersaturated in low light and there are some exposure issues as well.

Alongside the rear camera, the DxOMark team also tested the front 10MP selfie shooter on the Galaxy S10. With 96 points, the Galaxy S10+ is now ranked as the best selfie shooter by DxOMark ahead of the likes of the Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 3. The iPhone XS Max managed 82 points in the same series of tests.

The Galaxy S10 scored 101 in the photo benchmarks and 88 in the video department. The publication says there’s a massive improvement in photos captured from the Galaxy S10’s 10MP shooter in almost every department when compared to Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 9, with plenty of details being retained. The secondary 8MP depth camera on the S10+ also helps in improving the portrait effect overall.

It looks like Samsung has made some massive improvements with the selfie sensor on the Galaxy S10 series. As for the impressive performance of the rear camera, given that Samsung did not talk about it much, it is likely to have come from image processing improvements. The benchmarks do not take into account the versatility offered by the triple-camera setup at the rear which can be extremely handy in some situations.

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