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Data loss is a part of living the digital life. And it happens to everyone once in a while. The more devices that you have, the more chances that some disk somewhere is going to be corrupted. RecoverIt from Wondershare helps you recover the data no matter where it’s stored. It can be on your Mac, external USB drive, SD card or a flash drive.

How Recoverit Works

Recoverit is the best Mac data recovery tool around. Just download the Recoverit application (the download is under 10MB), install the app and open it up.

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From the first screen, select the drive or the device to scan. If you’ve attached an external storage device, you’ll find it in the External Devices section. If you’re running High Sierra or higher, you’ll first need to disable System Integrity Protection before Recoverit can scan your boot drive. The app provides instructions on how to do that.

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Click on Start to being the scanning process. It might take a couple of minutes until the scan is finished.

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After that, you’ll see a list of all the files and folders that be recovered. You can browse around here and find the file using the preview tool. For images and videos, you can see a preview of the file in the app itself. Then just select the files that you want to recover and press on the Recover button.

The files will be restored to their original location in a jiffy!

Who Should Be Using Recoverit

As I said above, if you have any query regarding recovering lost data, you should first try installing Recoverit before going out and finding a data recovery specialist. Recoverit is very good at what it does. Using its smart scanning technology, it can even recover data that has been deleted years ago. Basically, if any data is still remaining in the drive (because when you press the Delete button, the data isn’t actually deleted until it’s needed to be overwritten), Recoverit will find it and it will restore it.

Their advanced Deep-Scan algorithm goes deeper into the data structure and brings a data recovery rate of more than 96%, the faster scan speed driven by a powerful built-in Data-Analyser Engine. Thanks to the engine you can do a lot more than just look for files you accidentally deleted a while back. The app can even churn through a corrupted drive.

You should try it out for yourself and see if it helps you recover your files. Download the app using the link below.

Download: Recoverit

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