A recent report from MacRumors suggests that the forthcoming iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to share similarities with the base iPhone 14 model. Identified as device D59 and codenamed “Ghost,” the iPhone SE 4 is set to replace the existing third-generation iPhone SE, marking the retirement of the iPhone 8-style design utilized in the past two iterations of Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone.

Upon its release, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to showcase a contemporary appearance, featuring an enlarged display and closely resembling the base iPhone 14 from the previous year. According to acquired specifications, the iPhone SE 4 will adopt a modified version of the iPhone 14’s chassis, aligning with the dimensions of the base model iPhone 14. Notably, it will abandon the Touch ID home button, opting for Face ID as the primary method for biometric identification.

To illustrate the size differences between the current iPhone SE 3 and the upcoming iPhone SE 4, MacRumors has provided dimensions and weight information for both devices:

iPhone 14 dimensions and weight:

iPhone SE 3 dimensions and weight:

The iPhone SE 4 is projected to weigh 165 grams, approximately 6 grams lighter than the iPhone 14. This weight reduction is attributed to the single-camera design planned for the handset. The iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to feature a single 48-megapixel rear camera, codenamed “Portland,” with the flash positioned similarly to the SE 3. A custom backplate is expected to be utilized for the device.

Given that previous iPhone SE models have employed a single-camera design, Apple’s decision aligns with its established design approach. Internal documentation emphasizes this as a notable departure from the iPhone 14 design.

Material-wise, Apple is expected to utilize much of the same elements as the iPhone 14, incorporating a glass backplate and the 6013 T6 aluminum.

Regarding colors, a prototype of the iPhone SE 4 has been observed in black, reportedly resembling the Midnight finish of the iPhone 14.

While the iPhone SE 4 will closely resemble the iPhone 14 in size, MacRumors notes two distinctive features that will set it apart: a USB-C port and a versatile Action button, akin to the one featured in the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. Positioned above the volume buttons, this Action button replaces the traditional ringer switch, allowing users to customize its functions, such as activating the camera or flashlight, recording voice memos, utilizing translation services, employing the Magnifier, or activating Shortcuts.

Although the Action button is anticipated to become a standard feature in the next year’s iPhone 16 lineup, reports suggest it will also be incorporated in the iPhone SE 4, expected to debut in 2025.

As with any speculative report, it is crucial to bear in mind that this information is based on pre-production details, and alterations to the design and materials may occur before mass production commences.

[Note: The details provided in this article are unconfirmed by Apple and may be speculative. Readers are advised to approach all rumors, whether tech-related or otherwise, with caution.]