In this video, we cover five compelling reasons why any Apple user should stick with their iPhone instead of switching to an Android-powered smartphone.

Video: 5 reasons why we stick with iPhone

In the nine-minute video, embedded at the top of this post, our videographer Michael Billing (@michael_billig) shares some pretty compelling reasons why anyone would prefer an iPhone over an Android-powered device. If you’ve been contemplating a switch to Android, be sure to watch this video as Michael talks about five key reasons to keep using the Apple smartphone over the competition.

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A phone that changed the phones forever

The iPhone is still that magical device from 2007 that changed all phones forever. The fact that it remains widely imitated to this date says a lot about being the golden standard for smartphones. Now, a lot of ink has been spilled over the years discussing why there’s nothing quite like the iPhone even though it’s not the most feature-rich device out there. Once you go beyond eye-catching designs and exclusive features such as Face ID, it all comes down to the ecosystem and software.

It’s the software, stupid!

The choice between iOS and Android comes down to a simple question: Would you rather live in Apple’s carefully-cultivated, safe ecosystem with walls (rules) or Goggle’s Android ecosystem that’s more chaotic because there’s less editorial oversight in terms of which apps are allowed? The original iPhone and a few of its successors were the best-designed smartphones. But as design tools and equipment gradually became more widely available, competitors began catching up.

Apple lost its way, then found it again

When Steve Jobs dies in 2011, Apple lost its way a bit. Stubbornly, the company refused to create larger-screened handsets that could compete with Samsung’s Galaxy phablets of the time. But even Apple isn’t immune to customer wishes so the company went on to make its first phablet with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, Apple now makes multiple models each year that go all the way up to 6.7 inches. Most of the hardware features of the iPhone are now available on Android, and vice versa. So the difference between the two comes down to software. As an Apple-focused blog, we obviously think iOS is more elegant, sophisticated and powerful than Android. Read: Essential iPhone apps to keep on your home screen

Switching to Android?

So what are your thoughts on the iPhone? Why do you keep using it? Have you ever thought about switching to Android? If so, when and why? Tell us in the comments!

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